Surfite is a stone nouveau made from the build up of resin layers created in the surfboard glazing process.

The resin or "glass" is applied to the board as the final sealing and artistic touch, and any runoff drips onto a tray under the board. Over months and months, the tray accumulates layers of clear and colored resin that flow and settle in their own unique way.Ā 

Every once in a while, the surfboard shaper has to remove the build up of resin from the drip tray, andĀ these hard glass slabs are then either discardedĀ (BOOOOO NOOOOOO) or ready to be turned into upcycled eco-friendly art!

Since diamonds are the hardest natural material on earth, they are used to cut, shape and grind all other gems, even other diamonds. I use diamond coated tools to create my own Surfite stones from the glass of surfboard shaper and LEGEND Mike Rowe from Hooked Surfboards (Outer Banks, North Carolina).Ā 

Rough cut Surfite

The orientation of theĀ Surfite slabs during the cutting and shaping processĀ dictates a completely unique "picture" of each Surfite stone, and these are virtually impossible to recreate.

Surfite is just so cool.....

Surfite that has been shaped, ready for polishing

GET THIS- Mike Rowe from Hooked Surfboards match which color patterns came from specific surfboards!

Repurposing the resin runoff reduces 99% of the waste associated with the glazing process AND it immortalizes tiny parts of surfboard souls all around the world!


Wet Surfite Stones


Surfite (square stone) and Medusa Quartz (tear drop stone)

Seafoam Surfite Cuff with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise


New Wave Surfite Cuff


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  • Soooo can I get a custom surfite peice, ASAP! These are amazing! So each one is truely that persons since they arenā€™t recreatable.


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